Use-cases Viable Issues Cloud

Viable Issues for Confluence Cloud can be used in various use-cases. Basically customers use it to quickly create Jira Issues without leaving Confluence.

Inspired by our customers we give you a quick overview what they are using Viable Issues for:



In Meeting minutes it is possible to create Jira issues automatically in the Jira project with the same key as the Confluence space. It is also possible to choose a dedicated project.

Additionally all issues are created with a label including the page ID of Confluence Meeting minutes page. So you can display all Jira issues created from that specific page. On you can see how this is possible.

Project space

On the Home page of a project space in Confluence you can place multiple Viable Issues Buttons. You can configure the macro and set default values for Project, Issue type, Priority and Component.

Project managers, team members, ... are now able to quickly add new requirements, features, tasks or even bugs to their project.

My tasks

Especially customers at the beginning of their journey like the possibility of a "My tasks" space.

This is a hub where they can quickly view all their issues. They also create tasks in this space that do not belong to a dedicated project, but should also be tracked within Jira.
Most of the time customers use it for issues regarding their job, but combined with Jira's issue security configuration many users also use it for private tasks.

Strategy / OKR

When you are familiar with the principles of OKR, Viable Issues can support you to bring them straight into Jira.

Idea management

In case you are managing your ideas in Jira, you can create an idea management hub within Confluence. There you can display all issues created via Viable Issues.

Other use-cases

Do you want to tell us your experiences with Viable Issues? Do you need improvements in order to create new use-cases?

Please contact us via our Service Desk. We are happy to assist you!