Quick start guide Viable Tiles


Please make sure you carefully read the "Prerequisites" section on the Installation Viable Tiles page for Viable Tiles to function properly.

Apply Viable Tiles for the first time

This app allows you to use a Macros in the Confluence editor:

  • Viable Tile

Add the macro to a Confluence page. Please follow the instructions of Atlassian's official documentation for macros (Confluence 7.1).

Viable Tile

The Viable Tile macro is the main function of the App. You can create Responsive and Clickable Navigation for Confluence by clicking the rendered tile.

When displayed within grids, you can make use of the given space and show several tiles in one row.

Please refer to Using the Viable Tile macro for more details.

Using Viable Tiles for Confluence

Structure pages with clickable and customizable tiles. Create dashboards and improve navigation across spaces and pages. 

For more details read Using the Viable Tile macro.


Have a look at our Documentation Viable Tiles page to read about the glorious details of Viable Tiles for Confluence.