Quick start guide Viable Issues Data Center & Server


Please make sure you carefully read the "Prerequisites" section on the Installation Viable Issues Data Center & Server page for Viable Issues for Confluence and Jira to function properly.

Apply Viable Issues for Confluence and Jira for the first time

This app allows you to use two Macros in the Confluence editor:

  • Viable Issues
  • Viable Issues Report Wrapper

Add the macros to a Confluence page. Please follow the instructions of Atlassian's official documentation for macros (Confluence 7.1).

Viable Issues

The Viable Issues macro is the main function of the App. You can create Jira issues by clicking the button.

In the default configuration the issue will be created in a Jira project bearing the same project key as the Confluence space. The issue type is the default issue type of the project.

Confluence will render the Create screen of Jira in a dialog where you can add details to your issue.

Additionally, a label will be set on each issue. The label has the prefix "conf-page-" followed by the ID of the page where the Viable Issues macro is placed. 

Please refer to Using the Viable Issues macro for more details.

Viable Issues Report Wrapper

Sometimes it is useful to display all issues created from the same page. With the Viable Issues Report Wrapper this specification can be achieved without any further specifications in the JQL search of the Jira filter Macro.

Add the Viable Issues Report Wrapper macro to a Confluence page. Insert a default Jira Issues Macro and set a proper JQL searching your issues. The Viable Issues Report Wrapper macro appends the term "AND labels = conf-page-<PAGE-ID>" to your query, thereby limiting the search results to issues created from the page with that page ID.

A good starting point could be this JQL query:

(resolution = unresolved OR resolution != unresolved)

With this JQL search, all issues (unresolved or resolved) created on the same page are displayed. 

Using Viable Issues for Confluence

By clicking the Viable Issues button, a dialog will open. It displays Jira's Create screen.

Fill out all displayed fields according to your needs.

For more details read Using the Viable Issues macro.


Have a look at our Documentation Viable Issues Data Center & Server page to read about the glorious details of Viable Issues for Confluence and Jira.